Thank you

In my life I have lost some things, twice.

I had forgotten how to smile,
how to see bit further, beyond this misery.

I had forgotten how to be happy, 
how to trust anyone, give them power over me.

I had forgotten how to be me,
buried everything deep inside, hidden from others. 

You taught me how to smile again,
to laugh without reason, to cry from the joy.

You taught me way to be myself,
made me reveal what I am, to give someone power over me.

You taught me how to be happy,
to feel that warmth inside, to believe someone cares.

Thank you for revealing my error again,
showing that path of tears lie in sorrow, not in joy.

Thank you for taking it all away,
making me to hide myself again, to trust no one.

Thank you for telling I am nothing,
pointing my place, to be outcast by my own choice.